ICES Dental System is a web-based application designed for businesses with several branches that offer dental care.

The system utilizes a centralized database that provides a single access to patients, dentists, branches and services information. Keeping track of patients treatment record and receivables also made easy as well as appointment scheduling with this application.

Key Features

Record Management – Access patient record registered from one branch or check recent treatment record done in another branch without hassle. Having a centralized database made it easy to maintain and keep track of patient treatment record trail
Reliable Data – Provides a facility to validate patient record to ensure that no duplicate record will exists
Appointment Scheduler – Facilitates in the creation of patient appointment, setting up dentist weekly schedule and generating list of recare per branch
Statement of Account – Simplifies adding of services rendered, payment and discount in a single screen. Just simply click a button to generate the statement and its ready for printing
Reversal – Minimizes the time it takes to cancel service and payment already settled to changing service and applying previous payment to new service more efficiently

Refund – Supports return of payment from credit and downpayment; refund from service with full or partial amount payment in case service will be discontinued; or refund from reversal in case there will be a change in the service to be done
Payment Collection – Enables you to process all payment-related transactions for walk-ins and company patients
Reports – Generate reports substantial for monitoring of patients’ owed money to your business as well as financial and company reports such as your daily collection, summary of services rendered and dentist commission to name a few
Data Management – Maintains and manages lists of branches, dentists, services and products. For newly set up branch, you may opt to utilize the default price list or define a new one
Easy to Learn – Clean, simple user interface that does not require much of learning curve
Secure Access – Level of access to information and transactions are restricted based on role given to the user

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