application development

We design, develop and implement applications and integrated solutions customized to the needs of your organization. Using proven IT methodologies, we can develop for you the overall systems integration design and develop the different business applications that you need.

With the fast changing technology and your increasing needs, Innovascend provides solutions that are flexible, efficient, upgradeable, cost effective, reliable and secure.

Our application development expertise is on Visual Studio environment, primarily on any of the built in languages and ASP.NET and latest components for web based applications, and on SQL Server and Oracle based development and database administration.


maintenance and support

As a software service provider, Innovascend can provide highly skilled software engineers in support of your organization’s needs. We provide a dedicated team to handle your software requirements, or we can supplement your in-house IT team for your long-term IT personnel requirements. Our maintenance and support services cover:

Application Support and Development Maintenance, Enhancement and Customization, Language Upgrading and Conversion, Systems Integration, Testing and Quality Assurance

Database Administration And Data Warehousing Upgrading, Migration, Maintenance, Backup and Recovery, Performance Tuning, Security

system requirement analysis and design

Innovascend provides advisory services to help you analyze and improve your existing IT system and processes to maximize your company’s capability and reduce overall cost.

With our management, technical and IT industry expertise, we will determine, together with you, your present and future requirements, and analyze the existing infrastructure and processes relative to such requirements. A recommendation will then be provided to satisfy the current unmet requirements of your company and prepare for its future needs. Such may include recommendations on alternative technology, systems integration, migrations, new applications or process re-engineering.