The ICES Inventory System is a software solution that helps manufacturing businesses to effectively manage raw materials, monitor stock level and keeps track of its location.

You can record and monitor transferred items from one location to another. Display current stock per location per item per selected date. And, display itemized list of raw materials in stock per location, quantity available and unit cost per item as of date selected by generating the inventory details report.

Key Features

Inventory Management – Keep track of every single inventory details like stock level, minimum stock, material category, unit measurement, brand and other specifications
Inventory Tracking – Record and monitor items that are going in and out of locations. This is to ensure that all changes in the inventory are properly recorded. Automatically updates item quantity or location based on receiving report, release and return items, material transfer and inventory adjustments.
Easy to Learn – User-friendly, intuitive and does not require long training because nobody wants a complex application
Secure Access – Level of access to transaction is restricted based on role given to the user

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